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The Boy King and the Morning Star
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This is the community for Sam Winchester and the Morningstar, aka Lucifer.
*This community is for Sam/Lucifer. In the coming week the Comm will have a face-lift and a revise on the rules listed below.*

Click on the link for the section that you are interested in:

[ Spoiler Policy | Community Rules | Posting Guidelines | Tagging Posts | Rating Policy | Community Affiliates ]


* All spoilers from unaired episodes must be placed behind an lj-cut with a warning marking them as spoilers. Do not have any spoilers outside of a cut-tag for an episode that has not yet aired in the US -- text or pictures --. Please remember there are those of us who prefer to be un-spoiled prior to an episode. Links to off-comms interviews, video clips, or news about unaired episodes must also have a warning for spoilers. You don’t and you will lose free posting access and will be moderated until shown that you can abide by the rules. When posting to the community, you may not use icons containing graphics for unaired (US) episodes.

What is a spoiler?
Spoilers may be found in any of the following:
1 - episode titles
2 - episode summaries
3 - icons
4 - screen shots
5 - promos
6 - information about characters, cast, crew, plot
7 - or any other information pertaining to an episode.

When is it NOT spoiler?
For this community the above listed theme are not considered spoiler a week after the episode has aired (USA).



* This community is intended to be the place for any and all fan work depicting Sam Winchester and Lucifer either 'romantically' (can be read in its loosest term) or as antagonists. It can be either Fics, fan art, icons, vids, discussion.
* EDIT: You can have either character involved with someone else (het, slash) but the weight needs to be on the relationship between Sam and Lucifer (as an antagonistic relationship or the opposite of that).

Why/When is an LJ-cut needed?
An LJ-CUT are usually needed when you have a large quantity of contents to avoid spamming your friends list. They are also a nifty way of hiding spoilers and content giving you the option to view them or not.

For the purpose of this community they will be needed in the following listed scenarios:

1 - Fiction. All fiction must be behind an LJ-cut. There are no exceptions to this rule.
2 - Extensive lyrics, quotes, and author's notes must also be placed behind a cut.
3 - Icons. A batch of icons needs to be behind a cut. 3 sample icons can be above the cut as teasers.
4 - Art. Artwork (manips, drawings, wallpapers and DA) must be behind an lj-cut and marked whether it is work safe or not. Codes to use are either WS (work safe) or NSFW (not work safe). The thumbnail used outside of a cut as a teaser for a larger image must be WS.
5 - Spoilers. I think it has been specified enough in the previous category.

What is allowed, and what is not?
To keep this community from spinning out in all directions there are some specific guidelines of what to post and what not to post.

Beneath is a list of those topics:

1 - Fics/Art. When it comes to Fiction and Art all types of Sam/Lucifer, Lucifer/Sam or Sam and Lucifer are welcomed. The fan work needs to be related to one or both of them in one form or another. In other words, the relationship between them can be either 'romantic' (could be read in its loosest term) or not.
Wincest is not allowed*. This community is to focus on Sam/Lucifer and in any incarnation of them. RPS/ RPF fan work is NOT allowed - See Wincest. Mark your fan work appropriately and follow the posting guidelines below.
2 - Every post must be on-topic-- it must pertain to Lucifer and Sam. One or both must be a main character in your work whether it be art, fan fic, etc.
3 - DO NOT make posts of any kind with any form of 'mods if this isn't allowed, delete' in it. If you are unsure of whether you can post it here or not either send a mail (it is listed below) or PM me with your inquiry.

* Why is Wincest prohibited in this community? There are a couple of reason for it and I have thought long and hard before adding this rule.
1) There are plenty of other places that accept Wincest,
2) This community is to focus exclusively in all possible incarnation of Sam and Lucifer.

However, as the saying goes – “to every rule there is an exception.” Exception in this case being those scenarios when Lucifer possesses one of the Winchester. (this is one rule that I might be lenient enough to bend in the future if the interest is there.)

Do's and Don'ts.
Follow these or I'll sick Luce on you.

1 - Do not Flame. Flames against actor/actresses are not allowed. Attack against one of you’re fellow community member will not be tolerated either. If there is an issue keep it privet (PM, personal journal). This community is no place for that. Character Bashing is not tolerated. You can dislike a character and voice it but do so in a polite and well thought manner. Word gurgitations are not permitted.

2 - Do not link to locked material (there is little that is more frustrating in LJ verse then to follow a link and find you don’t have access to the content) If you post a link back to your journal, the post must be public. If a mod comes across a post linking to locked material, we will ask the poster to unlock the material in question. If the material is not unlocked in a timely manner, we will delete the post. If you wish to post protected material to the community, you may lock the post to members only.

3 - Re-posts of previously posted stories in the community are not permitted.

4 - Posting here means you are giving your consent to your post being archived (here in the community), either through tags, memories, or both. We expect you to follow the posting templates for fan fic and other fan works below.

5 - Please note, all fan works (including fan fic, fan art, fan mixes, fan vids, and all web graphics such as icons and wallpapers) are the creation of the fan who made them. If you would like to use or archive said fan works, you must contact the creator directly.



* There are a few things to keep in mind when posting to this community. Please take a moment to read the following information.

When posting directly to the community please avoid formatting your text with any additional font color or font size. More often then naught it will break up the community’s layout. It might also make things difficult to read for those who follow these through their own LJ friend’s page. How you post it in your own journal is up to you.

A subject line is a must and should follow the below listed examples:

1 – FIC: (title), (part), (Type) - (rating)
ex: FIC: The Rise of the Fallen, 1/?, Slash – R

2 – ART: (title), (type) – Rating
ex: ART: The Boy King, Wallpaper, Gen – PG

3 – VID: (title), (type) – Rating
ex: VID: The Endgame, Music, Slash – PG

4 – ICONS:
ex: ICONS: Season 4 batch, episodes, Gen – PG

If your fan work contains warning you must list them in your header, be that for fan fiction or fan art that are either SW or SNFW.

The warning may include such as adult content, graphic violence, non or dub-con, extreme kinks, underage, incest* and etc. A complete list will be provided soon.

* remember that Wincest are not allowed here.

– which will go in the body of your post regardles if it is art or fiction. The minimum requirement are the following (you can add to it if you want to):
AUTHOR: (your lj username)
RATING: See here for a list of acceptable rating system.
Characters - Characters listed should be main characters only. Do not list every character that makes an appearance in your story.

SPOILERS: (please use episode numbers when listing spoilers. Not acceptable: ‘it’s the episode where Sam dies.’)
WARNINGS: See here for a list of warnings. If you don’t have one you can put none.


Any additional information is allowed such as disclaimers and author’s note. If the Authors note is extensive please put those beneath the cut.

Remember if you are posting artwork/other graphics that you keep the thumbnails/preview WORK SAFE. Preview should not be larger then 350x350px.

For ICONS posting please remember the following :

Teaser icons are allowed, but keep the number of them to a reasonable amount – for this community it has been decided that the amount is 3. If you are linking to a multi-fandom icon post, be sure your teaser icons are on-topic about Lucifer and Sam. If you are posting icons for a recently aired episode, be sure the teasers comply with our spoiler policy.

VIDEOS: Embedded videos (such as YouTube, Imeem, etc) should be placed behind an LJ-CUT.



* There is a list of already created tags, please use them. More tags will be added as the need arises. Untagged entries will be tagged by a moderator. It makes organizing this community a hell of a lot easier.

You can see a list of already existing tags here.

There is one tag that might cause confusion at the beginning and it is the one called Timeline. The reason to why it exists is to make things easier for those who like to read stories taking place during a specific period of time. Please only pick one or two at most. Time selections may be used in conjunction with another time.

- Those classifications are the following:

PreCan - Takes place before the Show starts. Wee!Winchester would fall under this classification.
PostCan - Takes place after the show. Since the show is still in the air (hopefully for many more years) this would be considered AU future classification of the current aired episode.
Standford!Yrs - Takes place during the time Sam is at Stanford.
Season 1 - takes place during season 1 :3.
Season 2 - takes place during season 2 :3.
Season 3 - takes place during season 3 :3.
Season 4 - takes place during season 4 :3.
Season 5 - takes place during season 4 :3.



* This COMMUNITY uses a pretty simple rating system, even though there is a verity of ways of rating a fan work this community has chosen to accept three types. See below:

Because of their controversial nature, stories with slash are given their own ratings so that those who wish to avoid them may more easily identify them. Slash stories deal with relationships of a homosexual nature. Any mentions of slash in a story will constitute a slash rating. Any male/male rape must have the slash rating.


FRT/S: This story has a rating of K through T, but slash is in the content or mentioned.
FRM/S : The FRM rating with slash present. If your story involves slash rape in any way, this rating must be applied. Rape content must be non explicit (no direct actions shown). If slash is mentioned this rating must apply.
FRAO/S: The FRAO rating with slash content.

FRC (Fan Rated for Children): General Audience, content suitable for most ages.
FRC + (Fan Rated for older Children): Parental Guidance suggested, some content may not be suitable for all ages. Mild violence and such.
FRT: (or Teens) Suitable for people 13 years of age and older. Some violence and such.
FRM (Fan Rated for Mature Audience): Suitable for mature teens and older. Not suitable for children or teens below the age of 16 with possible strong but non-explicit adult themes, references to violence, and strong coarse language.
FRAO (Fan Rated for Adult Only): Content is only suitable for mature adults. May contain explicit language and adult themes.

K : content suitable for most ages (5+, recommended minimum age)
K + : some content may not be suitable for young children (9+, recommended minimum age)
T : contains content not suitable for children (13+, recommended minimum age)
M : contains content suitable for mature teens and older (16+, recommended minimum age)
MA : contains explicit content for mature adults only (18+, recommended minimum age)
* rating system used at fanfiction.net *

And last but not least the widely known:
G           PG           PG-13           R           NC-17



* If you wish to affiliate with spn_samlucifer please contact noctemus or through the e-mail listed below.



* If you have any questions or concerns regarding this community – topics include: asking permission to post announcements for various ficathons, RPGs, or new communities, please contact a moderator (listed below) or send an email to spnsamlucifer AT gmail DOT com. This email address is generally checked once a day.