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Fic: I Would Be The One

Title: I Would Be The One
Author: suchanadorer
Pairing(s): Sam/Lucifer, Ruby/Sam, Ruby/Sam/Lucifer
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Fairy Tale AU
Spoilers: Season 5
Word Count: 50730 total
Warnings/notes: violence typical of canon, major character death (depending on choice of ending)
Summary: AU based on Beauty and the Beast. Sam Winchester sacrifices his freedom to save his brother's life, but he doesn't know who he's offered his life to (and what he would ask of him) until it's too late. Lucifer is nothing like Sam excepts, and he finds himself drawn to angel and demon alike, but not everyone is interested in seeing Sam's relationship with Lucifer grow. Will Sam give Lucifer the one thing he asks of Sam, the one thing he might he might not be able to live without?
Note: This fic has two endings. They're listed as consecutive chapters on AO3 but they're two completely different endings to the story. Like Gods Of The Sun is the fairytale ending. Glory, Shine It On Me is a darker ending, more in line with Supernatural's canon, including a warning for major character death.

Start from the beginning at AO3.
Tags: character: lucifer, character: sam, timeline: season 5

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