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fic: carry me home tonight, 2/2, slash - nc17

title: carry me home tonight
author: sleeponrooftops
fandom: Supernatural
pairing(s): Sam Winchester/Lucifer, Dean Winchester/Castiel
ancillary pairing(s): Michael/Gabriel, mentioned!Lucifer/Michael
appearances: Bobby Singer, briefly Raphael, Death, Ellen Harvelle, Jo Harvelle
rating: nc17
summary: II in angel with a shotgun series.  It’s jarring sometimes, to think that, after everything, after all the warring, the pain, and the struggle, they’re finally here together, safe, as they were always meant to be.  He understands now, understands that being made for each other was not just in the terms of vessel and angel but also here, in this moment, at peace, in love.  And he didn’t understand until Sam showed him how.
warning(s): angst, language, (sometimes graphic) violence, sex, general spoilers from S4 onward but it off-roads a lot, wing!kink, angelcest, abusive amounts of domesticity and fluff, death Winchester style
words: 26,611
disclaimer: Don’t own.  Title belongs to fun.
notes: This is the sequel to if love is what you need, a soldier i will be, though I think you’d definitely have to read that first; there’s just too many important references to things.  This one, however, is way less destiel than the first one was; there aren’t even any really in-detail scenes with them.  This is more a samifer sequel.  There is also, like the destiel, passing Michael/Gabriel moments, so I’m sorry if you’re not comfortable with that.

masterpost | AO3"I'll always be right here," Lucifer promises.

And for the mix made to go along with this story: he is the grace i wear when i lose my faith.
Tags: character: castiel, character: dean, character: lucifer, character: sam, timeline: postcan

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