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fic: if love is what you need, 1/1, slash - nc17

title: if love is what you need, a soldier i will be
author: sleeponrooftops
fandom: Supernatural
pairing(s): Sam Winchester/Lucifer, Dean Winchester/Castiel
appearances: Bobby Singer, Gabriel, Chuck
rating: nc17
summary: I in angel with a shotgun series.  It’s moments like these that he feels utterly at peace, despite everything.
warning(s): angst, language, violence, blasphemy, sex, fluff, general spoilers from S4 onward but it off-roads a lot, wing!kink, oil gland!kink, handprint!kink, claiming
disclaimer: Don’t own.  Title belongs to The Cab.
notes: This turned out a lot fluffier and angstier than I’d originally planned, but I still really like it.  Plus, I’ve finally put my eight thousand unfinished Destiel’s to use into something publishable, woo.  And also, I’d originally intended to follow the storyline set out, but then I actually got down to the writing, and words happened.  It’s all generally the same, but the getting there is different.

masterpost | AO3Sam wakes up to the sun.

And for the mix made to go along with this story: explosions never make a sound.
Tags: character: castiel, character: dean, character: lucifer, character: sam, timeline: season 5

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